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Seating and Recliner Reviews: From History to State-of-the-Art

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Mulholland Brothers: Three upholstered library chairs make up the new Stinson Series: the Owl, the Morgan (shown), and the Mustang. The stitching pattern is one of the signature details of the chairs. All three models are available in Tumbled Latigo leather, which has a luminous finish and will not fade. They are also offered in a variety of seasonal textiles. Mulholland Brothers, 190 Napoleon Street, San Francisco, CA 94124. www.mulhollandbrothers.com.

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Budji: The Leila barstool is crafted from 1/4-in. leather strips woven in a diamond pattern radiating from the center of the seat back. The weave is pulled tightly over the barstool’s rattan frame to accentuate the curled hand rests. Budji, 1034 Biggs Highway, Rising Sun, MD 21911.

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PierceMartin: The hand-woven Paige Ottoman is made from fine split rattan and measures 29 in. wide by 24 in. deep by 19 in. high. It complements the Paige Club Chair, a rattan interpretation of the classic barrel chair. PierceMartin, 129 Armour Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324.

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Shaver/Melahn Studios: Inspired by the sophisticated “supper club” chairs of the 1930s and 1940s, the Emmy side chair and arm chair have a similarly clean look with generous proportions. The arms and legs are available in the studio’s standard finishes: natural cherry or walnut; chocolate walnut; chocolate ash; or ebony ash. Tailored skirts with COM fabrics are optional. Shaver/Melahn Studios, 114 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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Niedermaier: The Chair Pierre, a contemporary take on the classic salon chair, is shown in gray wool felt with black-painted wood. Measuring 20 1/4 in. wide by 31 in. deep by 34 in. high, the chair is also available in maple, oak, walnut, and other woods and in custom fabrics. Niedermaier, 2650 West Fulton Street, Chicago, IL 60612.

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Sipure Design: Designed by Henry Becq, the Luchino Chauffeuse is one of the most recent additions to the Modenature Paris collection. It has a beech frame and palissandre oak feet. Luchino is shown upholstered with saddle stitching in white cotton velvet but is available in suede, leather, or other fabrics. Luchino is also produced in a banquette style. Sipure Design, 135 Northeast 40th Street, Miami, FL 33137. www.sipuredesign.com.

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Interior Crafts: The 507 modular series–consisting of an armless chair, a one-arm end unit, a tux corner, and an ottoman–offers a range of layout possibilities. Each unit measures 34 in. by 34 in. The exposed maple frames are available in a variety of finishes. Interior Crafts, 2513 West Cullerton, Chicago, IL 60608.

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Carolina Business Furniture: Enclave, a collection of mobile lounge/teaming chairs designed by Alex Forsyth, comes in a high-back version and a mid-back version (shown). The two front legs of Enclave are stationary, while the two back legs have casters to provide easy mobility for chair positioning. An open storage compartment is located under the seat. A teardrop-shaped work surface, available in wood or laminate, is optional. Carolina Business Furniture, P.O. Box 4398, Archdale, NY 27263.

Chair brand reviews from historical data

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Arcadia: Zagato, designed by James Kelly, throws a curve into the classic desk chair. Available in mid-back and high-back models, with dual wheel casters or on glides, Zagato has a distinctive arm design and precision-stitch detailing. The high-back version is 25 in. wide by 25 1/2 in. deep by 37-40 3/4 in. high; the mid-back version is 24 in. wide by 25 1/2 in. deep by 33-36 3/4 in. high. Arcadia, 5692 Fresca Drive, La Palma, CA 90623.

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Haworth: S-CON from the Art collection, a Haworth-Europe company, features a steel frame covered with synthetic mesh fabric for ergonomic comfort. Two back heights are available–low-back (shown) and high-back–and padded shoulder support is optional. The ellipsis arm, capped with leather, is formed from steel tubing. Haworth, One Haworth Center, Holland, MI 49423. www.haworth.com.

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Allseating: A new synchro mechanism has been combined with a supportive, resilient mesh fabric covering to create the Fluid chair. The mechanism features fingertip controls for tension and tilt adjustments. The polyester/monofilament blend mesh is available in a variety of colors. Arms are height- and width-adjustable, and the lumbar system has four-way movement. Both have gel-foam padding. Allseating, 175 Brittania Road East, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 4B8, Canada. www.allseating.com.


The art of Seating and Recliner Chair

Seating and Recliner Reviews: From History to State-of-the-Art


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M2L: Considered revolutionary when it was first conceived by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio in 1963, the Ball chair has been reintroduced almost 40 years later. The fiberglass chair is available in black, white, gray, and anthracite metallic with fabric or leather upholstery. M2L, 979 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

A original modern recliner chair
A original modern recliner chair


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Umbra: Designed by Karim Rashid, the Q Chaise folds out from a cube to a chair with ottoman, and then further to a chaise longue. Made of polyurethane foam covered in 100 percent polyester fabric, the chaise is available in black or charcoal. Its dimensions when folded are 27 in. sq. Umbra, 1705 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212. www.umbra.dot.com.



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Recliner chair and ottoman in classical style
Recliner chair and ottoman in classical style

Walter Rossi: Minimalism meets whimsy in this New York furniture maker’s Soft Metal line of upholstered iron seating. The collection includes chairs, stools, and benches, such as the sculptural ladder-bench shown. A new raw iron finish reveals the natural blemishes in the material, which is shiny in some spots and darker in areas with greater oxidization. The bench has a polymer coating for durability. Walter Rossi, 1306 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213. www.walterrossi.com.


best recliner brand reviews from historical data

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DePadova: Designed by Vico Magistretti, the Cirene chair is available with or without arm-rests and in a stackable or swivel recliner version. The fixed chair is stackable up to 10 chairs, while the swivel chair is on casters and can be height adjusted. The chassis comes in plywood paint finish (anthracite gray or cadmium yellow); white laminate with plywood border; and plywood with veneer in natural beech, wengestained oak, natural maple, and natural or aniline-stained cherry are offered. The legs or five-spoke base are made of glassy chrome-plated steel. DePadova, Corso Venezia 14, 20121 Milan, Italy.

Very classical recliner chair with ottoman
Very classical recliner chair with ottoman


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Cappellini: The Superlight sofa is a compact, low-profile piece for contemporary settings. It has a metal frame covered with thin but very dense and supportive polyurethane foam. The feet are in stainless steel with gray nylon glides. Superlight, which measures 82 1/2 in. wide by 36 1/4 in. deep by 27 1/2 in. high (seat height 15 3/4 in.), can be upholstered in either leather or fabric. Available through Luminaire, 8950 Northwest 33rd Street, Miami, FL 33172. www.luminaire.com.

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Stylex: The Zephyr chair, designed by Sava Cvek, combines the convenience of stacking with the comfort and durability of mesh. Zephyr’s open-weave mesh fabric moves with the user, and a line of padding along the front of the seat, the polished aluminum lumbar piece, and the top of the back provides further comfort. The mesh’s elastomer fibers make it durable for both sitting and stacking. Stylex, P.O. Box 5038, Delanco, NJ 08075. www.stylexseating.com.


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Recliners for office style
Recliners for office style


Dauphin: Durable and lightweight, the Ecco stacking chair and cafe table are suitable for use in corporate, institutional, or hospitality settings, both indoors and out. The chair’s fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene shell is available in a range of colors, from soft to vibrant. The table is offered in stacking and non-stacking versions. Tabletops, which are 28 in. round or square, have a weather-resistant laminate surface over a phenolic resin core. Dauphin, 300 Myrtle Avenue, Boonton, NJ 07605. www.dauphin.com.

Recliners in sofa bed style
Recliners in sofa bed style

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Paoli: Havana Lounge is a suite of recliner seating pieces for lobbies, offices, and conference areas. Designed by Bang Design of Australia, Havana is available in chair and settee models. Shown is the Club Chair, which measures 35 in. wide by 34 in. deep by 31 1/2 in. high. Paoli, 201 East Martin Street, Orleans, IN 47452. www.paoli.com.

This chair can recline to be a double bed
This chair can recline to be a double bed

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Chairmasters: The 1950 Series, featured in the China Grill Restaurant at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel, includes a side chair, an arm chair, and a barstool. Available with an optional window opening in the back, the seating comes in a wide range of standard and custom finishes, as well as stock fabrics or COM. Chairmasters, 200 East 146th Street, Bronx, NY 10451. www.chairmasters.com.

Chair master
Chair master


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Stephen Tomar Furniture: The Tango Tete-a-Tete was designed to be placed in front of a fireplace or in the middle of a room facing a view. It can be used as a chaise for one person or as a tete-a-tete for two, and it is available in three sizes: 72 by 33 in., 78 by 42 in., and 78 by 48 in. Included with the Tete-a-Tete are two 18-by-18-in. pillows (not shown). Stephen Tomar Furniture, 8900 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069. www.stephentomarfurniture.com.

single chair recliner, two person recliner, and three person recliner
single chair recliner, two person recliner, and three person recliner

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Nemschoff: The Oliver recliner series for health-care settings comes in a high-leg version and a wallsaver version. Both have three positions: an upright and two reclines. The wall-saver is operated with an easy-to-use release mechanism on the side. Nemschoff, 2218 Julson Court, Sheboygan, WI 53082. www.nemschoff.com.

A luxurious recliner in the 20th century
A luxurious recliner in the 20th century

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Palazzetti: Made by Frigerio of Italy, the William sofa’s contemporary lines with squared back and sides has an ultra-modern upholstered look, but is actually slip-covered. The slip covers, which can be easily taken off and cleaned, come in a wide variety in fabric and covers. Palazzetti, 515 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022. www.palazzetti.com.

Contemporary Sofa recliner
Contemporary Sofa recliner

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Do you know how long can you stay in sauna?
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The art of Seating and Recliner Chair (Part 2)

This article is the second part of the previous article seating art . In the previous part, we have provided recliner reviews and best recliner brand. In this article, we focus on best recliner reviews and most comfortable recliner: From history to State-of-the-Art.

Seating and Best Recliner Reviews: From History to State-of-the-Art

Circle 326: contemporary office furniture by Indiana

Indiana Desk: The Elation series offers a wide range of options for the contemporary office. Executive, manager, task, and guest chairs can be ordered with wood or urethane foam arm-rests; wood, aluminum, or black composite bases; synchro-tilt or mid-pivot controls; and a range of upholstery and wood finish choices. Indiana Desk, 1224 Mill Street, Jasper, IN 47546. www.indianadesk dot com.

A recliner chair of the company
A recliner chair of the company


Circle 351: task chair design by Zooey Chu

A task chair reclining Designed by Zooey Chu
A task chair reclining Designed by Zooey Chu


Harter: Designed by Zooey Chu, the Intuition task chair allows the user to make a number of adjustments for maximum comfort. The control mechanism features three functions–eight-point tension control, tilt lock-out, and seat-height control–with easy-to-reach, user-friendly knobs and levers. A slider seat control is optional, as are loop arms. Harter, 11451 Harter Drive, Middlebury, IN 46540.


circle 352; office chair by Superior Furniture

SuperiorFurniture: The Shazzam chair offers ergonomic seating at a reasonable price. All three models–dedicated task, swivel-tilt, and simple task–have TouchLift back-height adjustment, thick molded foam with contoured seat and lumbar support, and a choice of 15 arm options. SuperiorFurniture, One Industrial Park, Belton, TX 76513.

Office chair by Superior Furniture
Office chair by Superior Furniture

Circle 353: Executive/Conference seating chair


Allsteel: Virage Executive/Conference seating features sweeping curves of cast aluminum in a 1960s-inspired design. The arms are available polished, or in black, silver, or taupe mica paint. The chair’s substrate is sculpted for ergonomic support, and the frame features a large seating area. A knee-tilt reclining mechanism can be adjusted in seven positions. High-back, mid-back, and guest models are offered. Allsteel, 2210 Second Avenue, Muscatine, IA, 52761. www.allsteeloffice dot com.

Executive/Conference seating chair
Executive/Conference seating chair



127/365 A

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Antique Furniture

Antique furniture and fabrics

In 1993, Chuck Comeau realized that the inspiration was right at his side: Shirley, now his wife of 25 years, had long collected antique furniture and fabrics, often with his help. Ergo, he posited, why not make it his own full-time job to deal in “beautiful things”? With his brother and industry expert Len Larson, Comeau founded Dessin Fournir (loosely translated as design and furnish), an apt label for exclusive furniture that he designs, manufactures, and markets. In 1997, he launched Classic Cloth, a division specializing in textiles. In ’98, he and his wife opened C.S. Post & Co., a home-furnishings retail store. (Though his other enterprises are to-the-trade only, he reasoned that the public wasn’t, but ought to be, offered case goods, upholstered seating, accessories, and more, just as ready-to-wear is sold in addition to couture.) Most recently, in 2000, Comeau launched the furniture line Gerard and bought Palmer Hargrave, a lighting source.

All this, of course, aggravated the hectic pace he’d tried to avoid. To organize, fine-tune, and consolidate operations became the vital next steps.

How, then, did this contrarian go about establishing his headquarters? Resolved to stay on home turf, he chose the Kansas town of Plainville (population 2,200) for his venue. There, he bought an 11,000-square-foot 1920s car dealership, whose below-ground garage had been designated a safe haven after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He converted the disused show-room and lower level into work space for his staff, currently 47 strong: customer services for Classic Cloth and graphic arts above, other service groups and the accounting department below. Despite the lack of structural changes, spatial transmutations of this kind need specialized knowledge; yet Comeau acted as his own architect, designer, and coordinator. Forestalling disbelief, he claims jauntily that it was no big deal, simply done by osmosis. But he does admit to engaging a general contractor from the nearest big town, Hays (population 20,200).



Comeau’s design plan was simplicity itself: to provide an environment conducive to the staff’s comfort and enjoyment as well as, not surprisingly, to having fun. At the same time, he introduced an awareness of Kansas architecture, land, and heritage.


Uncovered hidden architecture

Not one of the old car dealership’s basic elements–reinforced concrete flooring, steel trusses, exterior brick walls, wood roofing–was concealed, camouflaged, or in any way adulterated. In fact, the work crew even uncovered hidden architectural details. About to total a truly ugly hung ceiling, the participants discovered lovely pine planks overhead. Sandblasted, brushed, and power-washed, the resurrected overhang now tops an assemblage of workstations. Also of note, Medex (a composite sheeting material of glue and compressed straw) is used for cabinetry, bathroom doors, and dividers between desks. Office partitions are Sheetrock. Artificial illumination comes mainly from industrial ceiling fixtures supplemented by wall-mounted gooseneck lights.

Unexpected artwork includes 19th-century mezzotints bought in London, a professional wine taster’s grape-stained tabletop purchased from Axel Vervoordt in Antwerp, and a 19th-century Japanese silk quilt from the estate of James Northcutt. Six large clocks assume both decorative and functional roles, showing the hour in each of the proprietor’s business zones. (He also loves the clocks as embodiments of his cherished free time.)


Furnishings are, to understate the point, extremely eclectic. Chairs bought by Comeau–because he couldn’t resist–go under the descriptive rubrics of gilded, George Nelson, twigged, Mies van der Rohe, and Arts and Crafts. Other seating comes from C.S. Post & Co. In the lunch-breakout room, stools designed by local artist Marvin Reif sport bases made of tractor parts and seats of sliced cottonwood trunks.

Emblematic of Comeau’s whimsical and unpretentious style, two stripped-down tin chairs stand guard downstairs. After peeling off the vinyl padding, did he leave the forms denuded because he found them funnier? Cheerfully, he pleads guilty as charged.

A Luxury Pool House Design in Florida

Using Pool in House Interior

The property itself, though a mere 100 yards from the Atlantic and dense with ficus trees, lacked views and was only half an acre. “My primary goal was to take a small lot and make it feel as expansive as possible,” says Hughes. The L-shape structure that he designed stretches to the boundaries of the lot, wrapping two sides of a pool.

Luxury house pool
Luxury house pool

Sheathed in gray-green stucco, the low-slung building blends seamlessly into its surroundings, its tweaked planarity an update on Neutra’s. Extensive glazing and long sight lines create an easy transition between inside and out. The south wall of the main wing, which houses living areas and the master bedroom, boasts a 64-foot-long expanse of sliding glass doors. A cantilevered overhang extends the roofline toward the pool, further opening the interiors to the landscape. “Neutra was the most successful architect in resolving the influence of natural light on a residential scale,” Hughes points out. “This house is full of contrasts–light and shadow, public and private, open and enclosed. I call it `openness with an edge.'”

Living room design


Perpendicular to the main volume, a two-story wing accommodates visiting friends and family. Hughes gave them extra privacy by cheekily modeling the guest quarters on a Motel 6–albeit a highbrow interpretation. All three rooms peel off a plein air corridor with access to the pool via an exterior staircase. An interior stairwell at the corridor’s other end leads to the kitchen, where the two wings intersect. “It’s the focal point of the house,” says Hughes. “We rarely use the living room when people are over.”

Relax rooms with recliners and sofa beds
Relax rooms with recliners and sofa beds

Which seems a shame, as the living room is suited to intense lounging as well as an appreciation of fine art and design. To oversee the interiors, the couple turned to L.A. designer Brad Dunning, who had worked on residences designed by Neutra. “Lisa and I needed a sounding board, and we recognized that Brad’s eye was similar to our own,” says Hughes. Dunning stayed true to the Hughes house’s modernist influences while avoiding slavish imitation. “The house’s design is very straightforward and crisp,” says Dunning. “It’s neither quaint nor retro.” Furnishings followed suit.

Vintage furnishings

For the ground floor, Dunning favored custom and contemporary furnishings. Then he added early modernist, Bauhaus-influenced pieces such as Breuer chairs and Le Corbusier LC7 chairs. A Carlo Scarpa dining table provides a bit of ’60s pop. Dunning customized other vintage furnishings, including the Jean Prouve credenza in the entrance hall. “We bleached it to death to make it truly Floridian,” he says. In the master bedroom, the Poul Kjaerholm chaise was fitted with a woven cane seat, a “twist on the expected resort rattan.”

Luxury bed room with view to the pools
Luxury bed room with view to the pools

The iconic Eames Surfboard table and George Nelson sofa beds or sleeper sofas were relegated to guest rooms, for which Hughes requested a more casual ambience. “Mid-century modern has been revived and reexamined to death,” says Dunning. “But when handled with a light touch, it still feels relevant.”

During the course of the project, Dunning investigated Miami Beach designers’ use of materials and color, determining that a “monochromatic, opaque palette works best in the intense climate.” Creamy terrazzo floors and white walls are enlivened primarily by an art collection featuring works by Jasper Johns, Damien Hirst, and members of the Washington Color School. And a giant swath of blue pool is visible from every room of the house.

The luxury of living

A Penthouse

When Schilcher first entered the apartment, she discovered that its ubiquitous, original aluminum panels had been neglected, many of them oxidized and missing glass components. “It reminded me of an abandoned boat, an old steamer with aluminum framing,” says Schilcher. She quickly enlisted the help of New York-based architect Peter Himmelstein and got started on the daunting clean-up task.

Once the bones of the penthouse were in place, Schilcher began to think about interior appointments, something that comes naturally to the owner of Salon Moderne and co-owner of Property, both Soho-based design outlets. In the entryway, she installed Ardex, an easy-to-clean poured floor that has a slick, modern look. Immediately upon entry, visitors are met with a small, white half-bath that opens to a private terrace.

A very big and luxurious apartment
A very big and luxurious apartment

In the living room, the designer could not, for technical reasons, relocate the overhead air vent. To compensate for the dreary, unsightly aperture, Schilcher commissioned Lloyd Schwan to create a lighting sculpture around it. The result: 48 single pedants dangling from the ceiling. “It covers up the problem and becomes a focal point for the room,” she says. “Plus, you don’t lose any of the view.” To warm up the generous, open space, Schilcher laid down wall-to-wall carpeting from Misha. She also added translucent panels to allow for as much daylight penetration as possible.


Structure and Decoration of the Penthouse

Continuing on the first floor of the duplex, dining and lounge areas also take advantage of the views, and a fireplace rounds out the more personal, intimate quality of these more private spaces. Schilcher filled the rooms with a mixture of old and new, including vintage Knoll chairs and a contemporary red day bed, both from Salon Moderne. She decided to forgo the use of decorative window treatments here because the ceilings are lower and she wanted to keep the area as open as possible. A half-bath and laundry area were added near the newly installed kitchen, which includes custom wood cabinetry, stainless-steel appliances, and more practical Ardex flooring.

Great view of the living room with convertible sofa beds and open view to the city
Great view of the living room with convertible sofa beds and open view to the city

A spiral staircase of steel leads upstairs to the master and guest suites. The master bath, with its glass shower enclosure, has a spectacular, open view of the Chrysler building. Guests should not feel neglected: their bathroom, previously a dark, cave-like space, now has a frosted glass wall that gathers light from the adjacent skylit stairwell. Both bathrooms have white Thassa marble counters and floors of hexagonal ceramic tiles.

Penthouse bedroom with open view
Penthouse bedroom with open view

In the end, Schilcher claims that her only difficulty on the project was competing with the views. “When I first saw the space, it was clear that the views were everything. What else could I do but use them to my advantage?” With the help of solar shades as well as Translite cotton fabric to cover the windows, the client can experience bright morning sunshine as well as evening sunsets, watching the light reflect off the surrounding buildings throughout the day. “With few obstructions,” concludes Schilcher, “the space takes on a calming and comfortable effect that really works with the views.”



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House flooring service





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