Custom Made, Eco Friendly Furniture

We make, design and upholster furniture. sustainably.

We use our knowledge and experience, to craft beautiful items of furniture for you. Furniture in Toronto can be hard to find but we know with some love and attention, that second hand piece of furni you were going to throw out? Could be your apartment’s new talking point.  

What we can offer

We offer custom build furniture. Be it for the Living room, bedroom, kitchen. We can make just about anything sustainable and eco-friendly. With recycled/sustainable materials. 

Contact us for a quote.

Need some custom millwork? If you need a kitchen refit and your cabinets made to order; look no further. We can make your cabinets sustainable, with bamboo ply, and organic products. 

If you have an old chair or sofa that needs some love, bring it to our Toronto store today. We have a range of climate neutral fabrics that are fairtrade and organic. 

Show that old trusty chair some love!

We also sell organic and recycled material beds, as well as bedding and eco-friendly duvets. 

Have fun with it!

Here at Green Design Studio – We love furniture. And there is no better way to learn than experiment with it and have fun. We can work with you to make some beautiful outstanding items. 

We also have some furniture available to buy in store, from Glass tables, to Pillows, beds and tables. Come to our store and look at our condo showroom!

We also have:

  • Glass Tableware

  • Wool & Cork Accessories

  • Decorative prints

  • Organic Linen

  • Eco-friendly surfaces

plants on living room table

We are always happy to help.

We like to think of ourselves as a community, that is constantly growing and learning with one another. If you want to have a chat with us about the services we offer, or even just about the weather, we always love to hear from you guys!