Eco-Friendly Home Products

working with us for your perfect sustainable home

Toronto based eco-friendly products. Are you fixing up your home? Just redecorating? Perhaps this is your livelihood. We offer a range of sustainable products for your brand new interior. 


We offer non toxic, organic and eco-friendly paint. Perfect for painting nurseries, if you have sensitive skin, or are just conscious about the planet. 

We offer many eco-conscious flooring solutions, such as eco tiles, recycled flooring and bamboo cork tiles.

New carpet and rugs can be a large drain on the Earth’s natural resources. We have a range of recycled, organic carpet and rugs. 

We are one of the only suppliers of Plyboo in Toronto. This building material is incredibly versatile and more sustainable than other wood products. 

Eco Friendly Materials for Interiors

Teaming up with the finest Interior Designers in Toronto, we have invented our own range of eco friendly paints. These paints are non toxic, so are safe for children, animals and anyone else who wants to use them. 

Our mission is to bring these products to the Toronto public, and hopefully across Canada and worldwide. We believe that being sustainable is the only way forward, being kind to future generations, our planet and ourselves. 


Modern Products for Older Buildings

You may think that these new eco products won’t work for you. It is easy to not believe the hype. We think products like our paint palettes fit perfectly in older buildings, bringing out some natural charm, and retaining original features. 

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